• Kingston Rotary breakfast success because of help

    The Rotary Club of Kingston hosted our 39th annual pancake breakfast and silent auction on Feb. 9.

    Approximately 200 people came by for breakfast, and had a great time enjoying the wonderful food and visiting with their friends and neighbors in what has become an annual tradition for many.

    Funds raised at the pancake breakfast are used to support our club’s many service projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the young people in Roane County.

  • Does Jago have data to support school position?

    Roane County School Board member Rob Jago, in a recent edition of the Roane County News indicated that he believed that a high school student body of 800 to 1,000 is a more appropriate number for a high school body rather than the 1,800 for the proposed consolidated high school.

    Is there data supporting Mr. Jago’s position? It would be of interest, I believe.

    James M. Leitnaker


  • Why are Roane students on spring break so early?

    Happy Spring?

    According to my calendar, it is still Winter so why are our Roane County students on spring break?

    I understand they are trying to keep the students on a certain program of grading periods every eight weeks instead of the six weeks most of us used, but why are they starting classes in the hottest month of the year? 

    What is the big rush to even start school before Labor Day (which is called the last holiday of the summer)?  

    Then they have a Winter break when it is still Autumn. 

  • Save lives by giving up meat during this Lenten season before Easter

    March 6 marked the beginning of Lent, the period before Easter, when devout Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness.

    The call to abstain from eating animals is as traditional as Genesis 1:29, yet as current as the teaching of evangelical leader Franklin Graham. 

    Methodist founder John Wesley, Salvation Army pioneers William and Catherine Booth, and Seventh-day Adventist Church founder Ellen White, all followed the divine call.

  • County schools should look to the future when deciding what is needed

    As I continue to read about Roane County and the controversy over its educational plans for the future I admit that I am not qualified to make the decision.

    I have not studied into all that is involved.

    Most of us Americans look back on our life and desire that the future give us the same security as the past holds, but that is not how life works.

    After two years in the Army, 1945 and 1946, I returned home to Battle Creek, Mich. but the past I left two years before was not there.

  • Our students should learn the Constitution

    Mega school or not, classes teaching our youth “The Constitution of the USA” should be offered and taught in every school in the land.

    Next to the inspired Holy Scriptures of Jesus Christ, our Constitution is the most profound and inspired document in the world.

    It teaches government of the people, by the people, and for the people with freedom, liberty and justice for all.

    Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    Why not let Roane County schools lead in teaching our youth patriotism instead of socialism.

  • Kingston resident doesn’t want to see boat docks return

    Please do not put the boat dock back at the 58 Landing.

    It was such an eyesore. Put it in some less obtrusive place and preserve our beautiful lake vista.

    Paul Lloyd


  • Lets put aside our political differences, work for good of all

    “What will history say about us? “OPINION” Feb. 20, 2019. Page 4.

    In the days of George Washington most nations had a king. Washington made clear that he was not to be regarded as a king.

    The Declaration of Independence declared, “All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ... ”

  • Consolidation supporters need a plan B for schools

    The School Board must come up with a Plan B on school consolidation.

    The Roane County Commission has spoken loud and clear on the School Board’s Plan of Consolidation with a “NO.”

    What does the School Board not understand on that?

    Maintenance on the schools needs to start now.

    Roane County High School in Kingston was build in 1949. If they need a new school so be it, build Kingston a new school.

    Rockwood, Harriman and Midway schools are good. Wake up School Board.

    Sam Doughty


  • Former Rockwood native praises Roane County News, shares fun-filled life

    Please find enclosed a check for renewing my subscription to your outstanding newspaper.

    My sincere congratulation for providing the citizens of Roane County outstanding news of national, local, sports and history.

    It brings back many, many memories of my upbringing.

    I left Rockwood 70 years ago and I am probably the last athlete still alive to wear the black and orange and the green and white uniforms, play in the old gym with concrete walls as out of bounds and open the new gym the next year under coach Derryberry.