• Largen’s kind words for Douglas a comfort to family

    I wanted to personally thank Gerald Largen, or “The Large One,” as Dad and others referred to him, for his very kind words about my father, Bill Douglas.

    I have known Gerald my entire life and have heard many tales. Dad enjoyed sparring with him and writing his little pieces for The Standard.

    Dad was one of Roane County’s great storytellers and will be sorely missed.

    I was fortunate to have inherited his wry sense of humor, as did my brother, Billy, and my sister, Darlene.

  • County has good financial leaders. Do the schools?

    Last Friday’s Roane County News published a story by Damon Lawrence regarding Roane County’s financial and economical status. 

    This report, created by Standard & Poor’s, indicates our county finances are being well-managed, despite limited revenues and a stagnant jobs market. Kudos to County Executive Ron Woody and our County Commission for these positive ratings.

    Now if only the same could be said about our Board of Education. 

  • Celebrate Earth Day by giving up all animal products

    April 22 marks a half-century of celebrating Earth Day, but do we observe it?

    Beyond Earth Day there is a growing national debate over the Green New Deal. We can each do our part by reducing our driving, use of electricity and consumption of animals.

    Why the attack on meat and dairy? A recent article in Nature argues that animal agriculture is a major driver of climate change, air and water pollution, and depletion of soil and freshwater resources.

  • Taxes should not be used to fund church activities

    Is it right for Tennessee government to collect taxes and then use tax funds to support activities of various churches?

    Gov. Lee’s budget does this by providing millions of dollars for private schools, most of which are operated by churches.

    I support the freedom of churches to operate their schools. Five of my 12 grades prior to college were in private schools.

    However, private schools are to be privately supported.

  • Man who lost property in divorce wants county aid

    I am Earl Thacker. I was born on a farm in Kingston.

    I went to Vietnam when my country called. I came back and inherited the family farm.

    I married a lady who was never my wife and the county (courts) took my farm. Now I am a disabled veteran, and I want the county to make my rent at 814 Brown Ave., Kingston.

    Earl Thacker


  • Writer finds Trump naysayer’s claims ridiculous

    Does Evil have dementia?

    I tell you some people are just rude; no matter how you hope they will give up the rude behavior they just can’t seem to do it.

    In the April 12 column of the Roane County News there was another attack on President Trump, claiming the President has early dementia.

    This from a person that might very well suffer from the condition themselves.

    So here we go, someone claiming someone has dementia when they can’t even remember the good manners that momma instilled in them to address people by their title.

  • Largen wrong on collusion opinion in Mueller findings

    On your opinion page of April 5, 2019, the question was asked as to why “our friends” have adopted Donald John as their “hero.” 

    Though Donald John is not my personal hero, I felt that the description of the Mueller report synopsis by Attorney General Barr was a mischaracterization of the summary as it relates to Russian Collusion. 

    I read the summary as I suggest all should, and will include relevant portions as verbatim quotes.

  • Kingston Lions thank community for support of pancake breakfast event

    The Kingston Lions Club appreciates the support given by residents and businesses towards their annual pancake breakfast.

    We thank the people who came to enjoy a great breakfast.

  • Community response helps make trucker’s troubles bearable

    Recently an over the road truck operator, after completing his weekly shopping for groceries at the Walmart in Rockwood, became ill and needed permission to park his truck while awaiting transportation to Roane Medical Center.

    Upon learning of the issue, the management at Walmart quickly granted the request. Upon arrival at Roane Medical Center, all necessary levels of health professionals instantly performed their job descriptions.

  • Special Olympics grateful Trump did not cut budget

    For 50 years Special Olympics has been a leader in supporting policies and legislation that guarantee the rights, full participation, and integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

    As reported in the media, the President’s 2020 budget proposed eliminating funding for Special Olympics’ Unified Champion Schools work: a nationwide initiative that creates more inclusive and safe schools for all students, both with and without intellectual disabilities.

    This would have affected approximately 272,000 athletes.