• Time of despair in backdrop of blessed season

    I woke up this morning to read the news of the tragic bus crash in Chattanooga. As a parent to young children, the horror of this accident was something I could barely read.

    Then I read about hospitals being bombed in Aleppo, Syria. One of the hospitals was a children’s hospital. This is just the most recent destruction from this bitter war that continues to rage.

  • Thanks for taking time to vote in Kingston race

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that voted in the recent City Council race. It was a record turnout for a City Council race.

    In saying that, I realize the voters did not turn out for the local race, but for the election that was primarily of national concern.

    In this ballot, the City Council was of secondary importance, but benefitted from the voter turnout.

    I am sure, that the winners for Council seats, Ms. [Tara] Stockton, Ms. [Stephanie] Wright and the returning Mr. [Tony] Brown, are competent individuals.

  • Neighbors of gated areas left out is not acceptable

    I agree with Lesi Clough Gibson’s Nov. 16 letter in being very happy that residents living South of the River will now have access to high-speed internet service. It is progress.

    I also live near several gated communities, from Caney Creek Road to New Hope Road, which leads to Grande Vista Bay. We can get satellite services for internet and TV. The cost is rather outrageous, and the service not so good.

    Internet bogs down ... bad weather knocks out TV, as well as internet.

  • Bravo to Largen for ‘above the noise’ election views

    Being one of many “gentle readers” of Mr. Largens opinion in the Friday, Nov. 18, edition, I would like to applaud his perspective.

    Those who know me know that I am a life-long Republican and a conservative (not necessarily the same thing these days).

    While we often differ, like Mr. Largen, I, too, felt we had two of the poorest candidates in my lifetime. During the primaries, Mr. Trump was not my first choice. However, unlike Mr. Largen, when I walked into that voting booth, I had no problem spinning the wheel down to Donald Trump’s name.

  • Good to have Lemond as our neighbor

    The LeMond Composites announcement carried in a recent edition was welcome news to Roane County and the region.

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory has become a primary driver of economic development activity in Roane County. The location of Lemond Composites in our community demonstrates the successes that the lab’s technology transfer efforts have generated.

  • Roane schools’ ACT scores going up steadily

    As the school district and community have opportunity to reflect upon the ACT scores produced by juniors and senior students from the 2015-16 school year, it is important to remember the dedication and hard work of teachers, parents, administrators and students.

    Across our five high schools, alternative learning center, five middle schools and six elementary schools, we are fortunate enough to have caring, dedicated and driven educators and community members looking forward to the growth and improvement our students will make.

  • Supporting Supply Closet a big help to area educators

    On Sept. 29, teachers from all over the county assembled together at Roane State Community College for the 14th annual Teachers Supply Closet event.

    Approximately 30 teachers/staff and eight schools were represented this year, and they delighted in getting the supplies that were donated.

    Here is a letter that we received from Harriman Middle School teacher, Tori Henley:

  • Michael Dunn Center an obvious East Tenn. asset

    I recently toured the Michael Dunn Center. I was pleasantly surprised. The facility was extremely clean and well kept. The layout of work areas and classrooms was very tidy.

    President and CEO Mike McElhiney and Melinda Johnson, supervisor, greeted me warmly and were very hospitable. The staff at Michael Dunn Center was very professional and courteous.

    It is very evident, for the staff, this is not just a profession, but a true calling. The effort put forth is truly a labor of love.

  • Best-qualified leader detrimental for area law enforcement

    If ever a police department needed veteran, seasoned and experienced leadership, that time is now.

    That is why I find it discouraging there were voices at the recent Harriman City Council meeting who inferred it would have been best to go back to a “good old boy” system of choosing the person to lead a vital service for our city.

    It is even more discouraging these remarks were said before the new chief has even started in his position.

  • YOUR LETTERS: I checked the facts, and here’s what I found out

    A writer last Wednesday suggests we check facts. I thought that was a real good idea, so I did it, using the writer’s letter.

    Here is what I found out:
    First — President Obama DID NOT “announce that he is turning over our internet to a UN agency!” Here is what was really announced, and who did it: