• Some things shouldn’t be forgotten or forgiven

    I’m sure that most Americans could give a skiddy do da about the history of Cuba.

    While Cuba Americans and history majors might care, the rest of us have other priorities. The average American is working and trying to make a living for the family they really don’t have time or the need to know Cuba’s history or why we haven’t normalized relations why them.

  • Alexander not representing our best interests

    Below is a copy of the letter I received from Sen. Lamar Alexander after I contacted him concerning the Senate health-care bill. It contains several statements that are not true, several that are misleading, and it omits several facts. Nor does it mention the multi billion tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent!

    I have followed the letter with observations concerning the bill. This man does not represent the best interest of Tennesseans!

    The letter:

    June 26, 2017

    Dear Clyde,

  • Nice to see Books From Birth get nod for helping kids

    KIDS COUNT 2017, the recent report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation (Roane County News, June 16), cited Tennessee’s improvement for children in education, health and economic well-being, placing the state, 35th in the nation.

    In addressing the state’s improved education ranking, the report highlighted Books From Birth among the initiatives having a positive impact.

    Books From Birth Foundation is the statewide Imagination Library supervisor. It matches the funds raised locally for Roane Imagination Library.

  • Mega school appears to be a foregone conclusion

    I am somewhat confused by the article about County Executive Ron Woody “School finances fragile” in the June 19 issue of the Roane County News.

  • Children deserve every opportunity, no matter the cost

    I am writing in regard to the June 19 edition of the Roane County News article, “Woody: School Finances Fragile.”

    Mr. Ron Woody,

    Would you be so kind to explain the industry that might be expanding in Roane County that would be concerned about the tax rate?

    Because in 54 years all I have seen is a decline in industry; but, that has been by choice, unfortunately.

    I have lived here my whole life and was fortunate enough to land a job and stay here. Most anymore do not get that opportunity.

  • Thank you, HUB, for your hard work to restore power

    A huge thank you to the folks at Harriman Utility Board for the work they did to return services to those of us who lost power in the recent storms.

    The linemen, from not only HUB but also those subcontracted from outlying areas, deserve an extra thank you for working long hours in adverse conditions, and in some cases through the rude reactions and comments from the public.

    The damage was not the fault of HUB, but we all felt the effects: either by extra work demands or personal inconveniences.

    Dale Dawson

  • Not responsible for paying for actions of others

    I have a comment on the Old Curmudgeons article in the May 19 paper.

    I rarely agree with anything the old Curmudgeon has to say and this article, except for a couple of comments, was no exception. First off, he uses those big long words (lawyer talk) and sometimes it’s kind difficult to grasp just what he’s getting at. Talk in plain English, Gerald.

  • Clinch Reactor Project prompts many concerns

    My reason for writing this letter is to add to the article that was written in the May 17 publication titled “Not in My Backyard.”

    The writer was correct in noting that I didn’t want to be considered a “NIMBY” and that now I am one due to the location of the Proposed Clinch River SMR site.

    In addition to the noise concern noted in the article, I have several other concerns that were put on record during my presentation.

  • Suggesting gender bias undermines years of hard work

    Dear Mr. Gerald Largen,

    Your editorial concerning Rockwood High Schools’ top students having only one boy has caught the attention of us, the top students at Rockwood High School.

    While we appreciate your concern over what you feel is an injustice to the boys in our class, we would like to share our viewpoint.

    You wrote in your article, “Only one male in the whole high school merited recognition for academic achievement, whereas a dozen females did so.”

  • Merged schools a boon for kids, and for business

    To all the Roane County Commissioners:

    I have lived in Rockwood for over 50 years. I graduated from Rockwood High School in the mid ’60s, and that was some of the best times I have had — and memories that will last forever.

    Some memories I would just as soon not remember, and others I think about every day. I was there when Campbell High School closed and their students came to our high school (Rockwood High School). South Harriman High School closed and their students moved in to Harriman High School.