• Creswell’s priority was to make life better in Roane

    This is directed to the columnist Gerald Largen in response to his column, “A View From Lick Skillet, Is It time to revaluate the Roane Alliance?”

    I would first like to note that it is “re-evaluate,” not “revaluate.” That must be your highly thought of education kicking in.

    If you value any shred of integrity in the journalist world, then you might want to “re-evaluate” your views. Your recent column was the most biased piece of writing I have ever read.

  • Farewell to the ever-welcoming Wade Creswell

    The news of Wade Creswell’s leaving the Roane Alliance came as no surprise to me. He told many of us that it might happen, and I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

    Of course, the Roane Alliance will continue to support the county. The Alliance is better off for having a man such as Mr. Creswell leading it for the last few years. In the time I have known him, he has proven to be a man of honesty, integrity, honor and courage.

  • Are the candidates on November’s ballot standing up for you?

    What went wrong with the American Dream?

    Why do many rural families, women, people of color, young people or older workers feel under-employed?

    A democratic nation stands for equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Many families work so hard for so little money, pay way too much for health care, and worry if their retirement savings and Social Security will be there when they are ready.

    We may be at full employment, but some have to work two to three jobs and still not make ends meet.

  • Watchful eye could help make Mount Roosevelt beautiful once again

    I received the newspaper from Rockwood today.

    In regard to Mount Roosevelt, yes, it is the most beautiful spot. This beautiful place has been overlooked for years. It is overgrown and unkempt.

    Each time I come to Rockwood, I go up to the tower, and it is heartbreaking to see what others do and those that have ways to correct.

    Why not do a little more policing, cameras, put up fences and fine people that are causing the litter, vandalism?

    Please try harder to contact the Forestry Department. It could make a beautiful view again.

  • David Doonan a treasure for News, photo essays fantastic

    David Doonan is a real treasure!

    I really enjoy his photo essays.


    Celia Simon


  • Merit recognition reward makes America great

    I am tired of smug, off-hand Trump bashing by people in the public eye who should be more objective.

  • An elected director of schools would listen to the people

    Whenever and whoever the school board hires for Director Of Schools will have to pass a Litmus test.

    This person must agree with everything the school board proposes, or that director is out. Number one being in favor of the mega school.

    It would be so much better if we elected our director of schools. That way, they would listen more to the people.

    But to elect them the law would have to be changed by the state legislature in Nashville.

    Sam Doughty


  • Kingston officials serve all citizens in city, not just one

    I am writing this letter in regard to a citizen complaint about the location the Kingston City Council had selected for the Fort Paws Dog Park location.

    While I don’t share the same concerns that this individual expressed and would like to ask the Council to continue with their prior decision to keep the dog park at the highly under-utilized location that’s part of the current Kingston City Park behind Byrd Field, I realize that some of the Council members have a private interest in keeping a single individual happy.

  • Congratulations to all the newly elected officials

    The Roane County Democratic Party congratulates our newly elected county officials.

    We look forward to continued growth and progress in Roane County with your leadership.

    We would like to invite you to stop by the annual East Tennessee Labor Day Picnic at Roane County Park Monday, Sept. 3 at noon to meet and greet your constituents and neighbors.

    It will be a great opportunity for all to become better acquainted.

    Again, congratulations.

    Jack McNew


    Roane Democratic Party


  • Hypothetical loan question could be not so hypothetical

    Question: I know this is a hypothetical question, but a possibility.

    What happens if the school board purchases the property across from Roane County Park, and the County Commission doesn’t approve their loan for the mega school?

    Sam Doughty