• Woman dead until emergency staff revived her

    On Aug. 12 at 2 a.m., officers Mitch Grigsby and Alex French, along with a Roane Ambulance team of Greg Dyer, Roger Davis, Beverly Lynn, T. Eblen and C. Weddington, were dispatched to the Stout family residence in Midtown.

    When they got there, our mother was not breathing and had no pulse.

    Thanks to their fast response, CPR and using cardiac-arrest paddles, they were able to revive her and keep her stable until they got to Parkwest Medical Center.

  • Why make poorer customers suffer with late fees?

    I am once again writing to complain about the Harriman Utility Board late-fee policy.

    This month, my bill was due on Thursday, Sept. 25.

    At 10 a.m. on Friday, I was standing in the lobby with cash money to pay my bill. I asked to speak with someone who could take off the late fee.

    She informed me that she could not take the $13 off my bill because I was late last month.

    She continued to inform me that I should have written a check. It’s illegal to write a check if you don’t have the money in the bank!

  • Duly noting the need for a possible detour in Kingston

    With the 5K fundraiser “The Chase” coming up this Saturday, it would be a good idea to note that Kentucky and Race streets will be blocked for the race from 9-9:45 a.m. 

    I know that there are a few youth soccer league games that morning, so participants might want to be prepared.

    Ralton Emory

    Ten Mile

  • Double-negative erodes county official’s credibility

    The case for school funding was said very powerfully by Junior Commissioner Hendrickson’s statement, “My constituents have spoken, and they don’t want NO new taxes...”

    Exactly why they are needed.

    Jayne R. Jackson


  • Momentum shifting to good things for local economy

    Momentum can be a tricky course to initiate or maintain. Since I have had the opportunity to serve at The Roane Alliance, I have seen firsthand that Roane County has established positive momentum in industrial and commercial business recruitment. 

    In recent years, we have encountered more than our share of obstacles — some of those out of our control and some not.

  • Science supports global warming due to CO2

    A Kingston resident recently expressed an opinion in your paper that essentially denied the existence of global warming.

    It was hard for him to believe that 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide could cause global warming.

    He also cherry-picked a few statements, one from a member of the British government.

    What a joke!

    I read an article today by Paul B. Farrell of MarketWatch that provided evidence as to why climate-science deniers have zero credibility.

  • There’s more to consider for big cat rescue, neighbors

    In the matter of the Tiger Haven big cat rescue in East Roane County, the issue of liability insurance has not been addressed. 

    How many companies in the state of Tennessee, while operating with this much capacity for endangering the lives and well-being of a entire community and surrounding counties, have shown no proof of financial responsibility? 

    What is one human life worth?

  • Imagination Library is cause worth giving to

    I wanted to voice support of Roane Imagination Library. As a former director of Roane County United Way, and now a grandmother of three, I have seen the value of this program from multiple viewpoints.

  • Sudden infant death fundraiser in Kingston Sept. 27

    I would like to thank the city of Kingston and the Kingston Police Department for reconsidering and working through any problems to allow the second annual Chase Run to proceed as planned. 

    This 5k run and 1-mile fun walk is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 27, starting at 8 a.m. at Fort Southwest Point, sponsored by Grace Community Church of Kingston. 

    This event raises much-needed monies for research into and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome.

  • Writer offers more on global warming, CO2 connection


    I was pleased to read my friend Jim Leitnaker’s comment on climate (letters to the editor, Aug. 29).

    Scientists believe that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide. It seems that 4/100ths of 1 percent is a small amount to cause such a large problem.