• It took teamwork to pull off first tournament

    The first annual Clinch Valley Invitational Basketball Tournament was a huge success.

    Sixteen teams competed in the tournament that spanned three days.

    This event would not have been possible without the efforts of several people in the Rockwood community.

    We would like to thank the many parents, sponsors, area churches, volunteers and Rockwood Middle School faculty members for all of their hard work.

    Without them, this tournament would not have been possible.

  • Trust in God over government at heart of gun fight

    Columnist Gerald Largen is correct that an assault gun ban will not prevent the recurrence of school violence.

    The question then becomes what force drives the demand for a ban?

    The only purpose fulfilled by having an assault rifle ban is to prevent people from having a gun that could stop the unjust and illegal use of government force when they come to take life, liberty or freedom from the people.

  • Gillum speaks on guns, debt and McConnell

    Can you imagine using the proposed trillion-dollar platinum coin to determine the first possession of the Super Bowl Game?

    I suggest the designer create the coin with the likeness of Alfred E. Newman of MAD Magazine fame on the “heads” side, and the “tails” side could be stamped with a portrait of the rear end of a donkey.

    If this happens I’m thinking of making a coin of cardboard and declaring a value that would allow me to trade it for a nice place in the south of France.

  • Secretary of Defense battle will make good TV

    Another blunder by President Obama?

    With the looming “fiscal cliff,” the planned retreat from Afghanistan, controversial immigration reform and gun control battles overhanging and casting a pall over Congress and the White House, what does our President do?

    First he throws his brand of oil on the water by informing Congress he won’t negotiate over the “fiscal cliff” issue, thereby needlessly forcing House Speaker John Boehner and Kentucky State Sen. Mitch McConnell into a corner.

  • Woman meets Christmas angel at Walmart

    This letter is for (and about) a Christmas angel named Jack.

    His actions so stunned me and, afterward, he disappeared so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to adequately express my thanks.

    But I want to; I need to so badly that I hope and pray if Jack is not reading this himself, someone else will see it and point it out to him.

    Dear, dear Jack, lately, my family and I have had some things happen in our lives that were so bad, it caused us to become despondent and our faith to grow weak.

  • Lack of lights at The Wall deepens pain over war

    Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan.

    I don’t know if either of you were in the Vietnam War, but I want to tell you about a visit that Jim Henry and I had at the Vietnam War Memorial in November.

    Years ago we went to the memorial, and I can still see Jim with his head against “The Wall” and crying.

    A few days ago, we revisited the wall listing the names of dead soldiers, and Jim was deeply moved that he had been spared when around 60,000 soldiers were not.

  • Volunteer officers could make schools more safe

    When I was young things were a lot more different.
    If you lived less than two miles from your school, you couldn’t ride the bus, you had to walk.
    There were crossing guards at every intersection within a few blocks of our school. Most of were retired policemen who worked part time, protecting the children who had to walk to school.
    I was one of those unfortunate children who happened to live 1.9 miles from Lime Street Elementary School.

  • More guns carried means attacks less likely

    Amid Connecticut shootings’ chaos, heroic adults died to save children. 
    The nation needs to wake up, realize that once more we’ve been sneak-attacked, and seize the attitude and material to prevent such future disasters.
    Attitude: Mass killers appear anywhere and stop when killed themselves.
    Material: Firearms drawn and triggered with quickness and accuracy practice develops.

  • Banning guns? Take away rocks sticks, bats, too

    Once again the call for gun control goes out.

    Arguably one aim of gun control is to make guns and thus killers less efficient.

    For instance, limit magazine capacity to make killers reload and hopefully slow the body count.

    Better yet, take away guns entirely and no one will be killed by guns (at least not until a cop goes nuts). 

Problem solved — no more murders, no more suicides, no more accidental shootings.

  • Morgan needs to apologize — and grow up, too

    This morning I have been sitting up thinking and unable to sleep because I  wanted to get this off of my chest.

    I am a regular subscriber to the Roane County News and have been for years.

    I have read articles on everything from the scandalized judges to starving babies and puppy  mills.

    Now all I have been seeing in the paper is the bashing of my good friend Teresa Kirkham, former property assessor of Roane County.

    I believe David Morgan won his seat as property assessor due to the help of his financial backers.