• Post-election stench drifting by, writer says

    The Republican Party took careful aim at their target while the Tea Party acted as spotters with Mitch McConnell and Rush Limbaugh acting as forward observers.

    They took the “fire” signal from Karl Rove, relayed it to Romney who promptly shot himself in the foot, and there is no wonder!

    The way he was dancing around from position to position was like a bee in a flower pot!

  • Roane County lags on free books for children program

    Recently, Tennessee’s First Lady, Crissy Haslam honored McMinn County Imagination Library as the top ranking program in the state with regards to the percentage of children enrolled in this early childhood literacy program.  

    Fully 89 percent of McMinn County’s children, from birth to age 5, are receiving free books every month.  

    McMinn Imagination Library volunteers have done a great job reaching their children.
    Roane County’s enrollment is 64 percent.  

  • Time for a change in Harriman High football coaching

    I have watched Harriman High School football since 1958. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost, but we always competed.

    This is the worst coached team I have seen in my 64 years.

    When I played for Harriman, practice was harder than any game we ever played.

    I have watched these teams practice for a long time. These coaches don’t allow tackling.
    This is football, coach.

    I am so sick of hearing “We are so young.” You haven’t been young for the past nine years.

  • Likens bombing of embassies to World War III

    A recent letter by B.J. Gillum urges us to stay out of war. But it appears to me that we are already in World War III.

    Bombings of embassies in Kenya and Tanganyika were acts of war, as was the bombing of the USS Cole.

    The first bombing of the World Trade Center was still another and, of course, a “better” job was done on that building on Sept. 11, 2001.

    This war is quite different than the two I was involved in, World War II and Korea, and will have to be approached differently, of course.

  • High wind topples crane, but leaves are another matter

    I watched a nine-story-high steel construction crane above a skyscraper in New York as the wind lifted it to vertical and then forced it to topple over and hinge downward until its tip crashed against the structure 80 stories above a Manhattan street.

    The TV reporter said that Hurricane Sandy’s wind speed was over 100 mph at that height.
    Today I used a leaf blower with a wind force rating of 130 mph to blow leaves from my decks and patio.

    I noticed that the 130-mph wind often couldn’t move a leaf from a crack or a corner.

  • Voting for person – not party – best course of action

    Recent newscasts were terrible. There were complaints from hospitals about having to re-admit senior patients to hospitals.

    Some senior patients have mini-strokes and maybe in a week have another. It makes me shudder.

    One day the Democrats are blaming the Republicans, and the Republicans are blaming the Democrats.

    I do not consider myself being either. I have to vote more for the person instead of the party. I have voted for a Democrat and also for a Republican in the same election for different folks.

  • Justice, divine or human, seeks to make things right

    Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s statement that if a woman becomes pregnant because of rape, “It is something God intended,” is a sad comment.

    It implies that the rapist should go free since he was doing what God intended him to do.

    If someone stole Mourdock’s car, would he say, “Don’t try to get the car back, it is something God intended?”

    Justice, human or divine, seeks to make things right.

  • Calfee’s slip-up may be rooted in previous ideology

    The first time I read in the Roane County News candidate Kent Calfee’s statement about why he said he would serve the liberal cause, I decided to remain silent.

    However, today (Oct. 29), when I again read Calfee’s claim that prior to his pledging to support the liberal cause he had “just been talking about some of the West Tennessee liberals and making a comparison” that lead to the “slip up,” I realized I had to speak out.  

  • Police go beyond call of duty for stranded motorist

    On Tuesday, Oct. 9, around 3:30 p.m., I was on my way to my place of employment.

    As I topped the hill, my vehicle just stopped working, which, as you may be aware, was during a time of heavy work and school traffic. Immediately, traffic began to back up.

    I tried to restart my vehicle, to no avail.

    After what seemed like an eternity to me, but was just a short time, Kingston Police Officer Jerry Singleton was first on scene. He was extremely professional and helpful.

  • Think before you vote — and do a little research, too

    Do you remember when the three R’s stood for education in our schools and was good for us? Now it seems to stand for Republican, Romney, and Ryan. Those three R’s may not be in our best interest. Before you automatically vote Republican, take time to find out about another R — Karl Rove and his power over the Republican Congress.