• Appreciate farm animals by celebrating World Day for Farm Animals Oct. 2

    I just learned that there is a World Day for Farm Animals, coming up on Tuesday, Oct. 2, (Gandhi’s birth date).

    It’s intended to memorialize the billions of animals abused and killed for food each year.

    Like many others, I always thought of farm animals as “food on the hoof.” But, after watching the deeply moving feature film Okja on Netflix, I realized that a farm animal is much like our family dog, fully deserving of compassion and respect.

  • Why can’t Lick Skillet get it right on Kavanaugh?

    Lick Skillet’s attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is just so wrong.

    While I have no love for anyone in the legal profession, we all know you wait until you have the facts to pass judgement on a person.

    Just in the recent past we have had two football players’ lives ruined because people rushed to judgement. They will never get those lost years back from that rush to judgement.

    We have seen it time after time, but people like Lick Skillet want to make wrong-headed statements to support their political view.

  • Thanks to Creswell for helping make Roane a winning community

    I have been actively involved with the Roane County Chamber Board for over a decade. The resignation of Wade Creswell as our Chamber president/CEO is bittersweet for me.

    Sweet because Wade is advancing his career by accepting a job at Oak Ridge National Lab, our country’s leading science research facility.

  • Poston’s ‘Out to Lunch’ makes the reader feel like a friend

    I just wanted to comment on how very much my family and I enjoy Bethel Poston’s “Out to Lunch” articles. They are the one reason we buy the news.

    They are so entertaining and makes one feel as if they are along with him at the restaurant. We have tried some of the restaurants after reading his reviews.

    His articles are warm and folksy. We have certainly missed his reviews and sincerely hope he is well.

    He makes one feel like a friend.

    Geri Armes


  • Imagination Library over the top in fundraising, thanks to Roane friends

    Roane County neighbors and friends, you did it again. A big “thank you” for your continued support for Roane Imagination Library.

    We met and exceeded the 2018 fundraising challenge campaign sponsored by Pro2Serve and Materials and Chemistry Laboratories Inc. (MCLinc), The campaign was also supported by the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation.

    This successful campaign provides for more than half of our annual operating budget.

  • Creswell, Alliance have grown our quality of life

    I want to take this opportunity to say thanks and give a tip of the hat to Wade Creswell and the Roane Alliance.

    Wade recently submitted his resignation to join UT Battelle as a member of the Protocol and Communications Specialist team. His being in this position will help enhance our relationship with a valued economic development partner.

  • Harriman’s elimination of Schwepfinger job sends wrong message

    Thank you for the gracious acknowledgement of Rebecca Schwepfinger’s job at Harriman City. The impact of the elimination of this one event’s position will impact the youth of Roane County!

    Rebecca comes from a fine family of several caring generations, whom have served locally. She went to college to advance in her career. She’s a model citizen, a happy one who involves everyone in activities.

  • We need a leader in Congress, not someone who chases photo ops

    Why aren’t our politicians more effective?

    Tennessee District 3 has not had any substantive influence on the U.S. government in almost a decade.

    Sure, votes have been cast, but a robot could do that. A few bills have been introduced, but none have been passed into law; they haven’t made it to consideration in the Senate. Why is that?

  • Harriman’s government failed city employee and voters they represent

    The other night, I attended a City Council meeting. A friend of mine asked me to attend in support of them.

    It shocked me not that this person could lose their job but that the city government was only providing four or six hours’ notice to them. No

    way have I ever been taught to treat others like this. They should have been informed weeks before that date.

    Not sure who the responsible party was who should have notified them — and it does not matter. It’s a failure of the city government.

  • Creswell’s priority was to make life better in Roane

    This is directed to the columnist Gerald Largen in response to his column, “A View From Lick Skillet, Is It time to revaluate the Roane Alliance?”

    I would first like to note that it is “re-evaluate,” not “revaluate.” That must be your highly thought of education kicking in.

    If you value any shred of integrity in the journalist world, then you might want to “re-evaluate” your views. Your recent column was the most biased piece of writing I have ever read.