• Thanks to Largen for his brilliant column on tariffs

    I just wanted to let you know that the column you ran Friday on Page 4 by Gerald Largen with the heading — U.S.A. needs a new tariff to solve problems — was brilliant. I copied it and passed it on to my friends and neighbors who gave me the same response.
    I wish there was a way for this article to be run in every press in the USA and a copy givin to all our polititions and a copy laid on President Obama’s desk.
    Please give Mr. Largen our thanks on his fantastic article and tell him to keep ’em coming.
    Joe Van Dyke
    Oak Ridge

  • And thanks for Imagination Library help

    I wish to thank the good folks and businesses of Roane Co for their support to Roane Imagination Library during the last year.  

  • Let’s not get complacent over education

    It seems that many of our leaders in Roane County are taking it for granted that our overall goal in Roane County should be “growth” in the number of residents and jobs.
    As far as I can tell, hardly any of them seem to extend this “growth” goal to specify what kind of growth they are for.
    Consequently, they tend to be focusing on new tax forgiveness incentives and other ways to attract all kinds of businesses, with hardly any discussion of the desired quality of the desired growth in residents and jobs.

  • Gift exemplifies the kind of man Largen really is

    I read the article in the Roane County News on Dec. 28 concerning the remarkable multi-million dollar gift of 110 acres of prime, lakefront property that was given by Gerald Largen not only to Roane County but to anyone who may ever visit there. 
    I certainly wasn’t surprised by his generosity.
    I have known Mr. Largen for many years and have often been amazed at his knowledge and ability. 
    I had the awesome opportunity to work with him and Boots Cook for several months one time in my life at a much younger age.

  • Barf bag needed if this ever makes the big screen

    Move over Muse Watson — make room for Rocky and Leon Houston!
    The brothers’ recent TV appearance on WBIR-TV News, The News Sentinel and on the recent front page of Roane County News is truly inspired acting.
    So much so that the media seems to have been duped into assisting them in what seems to be their plans to use the media again as they have done many times in the past to garner public support and harass authorities.

  • 30,688,980 words of wisdom to tide them through

    This letter is probably different from others, but here goes. I just completed reading the King James Version Bible through for the 30th time.
    I had a goal in life to read it 25 times, but after I got there, I just kept reading.
    My wife, Nancy, who passed away Dec. 3, 2010, of esophageal cancer, had read it through twelve times.
    So together we read it through 42 times. We lacked four months being married 42 years.
    The word is a blessing as the McKamey’s sing that song, “The Old Love Letter,” and it really is.

  • How nice to see the life returning to a small town

    Last month, I saw life again in Harriman.
    I grew up there, went to school, courted boyfriends and then saw life leave the town I loved.
    Last month, for the first time in a long time, I saw life again.
    I attended the open house of the new TV station, Channel 15.
    I am so grateful to those who have worked so hard and who have the vision of seeing life return to Harriman.
    Mayor Chris Mason, Gary Baker, Muse Watson, Bill Landry — these people are investing untold time and energy into making this seemingly impossible dream come true.
    It can happen.
    It is happening.

  • Lead-footed kid gets family an untimely eviction

    Happy Holidays?
    The holidays came and went so quickly it was hard to take it all in. Many had a wonderful holiday relaxing and just sharing the love that seems to well up in us all during this time of the year.
    Others that don’t have much love any time of the year. I called many news agencies to help get the word out about a young eight-month-pregnant mother and her three small children.
    My hope was to resolve an issue in her apartment complex.
    If this gets printed, I hope to bring to light an issue she had to deal with this holiday season.

  • Change in obituary wording upsetting to this writer

    I am writing in regard to the letter to the editor in Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010, edition titled “Family member ‘went home to be with the Lord.”
    This brought back the disappointment I felt when the Roane County News took the Lord out of the obituary I wrote for my husband’s passing on July 19, 2010.
    Instead of “went to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” it was replaced with, “passed away.”
    The Lord is being taken out of more and more things these days, I don’t understand why.
    Also, there were 10 survivors listed in the obituary, all from Roane County.

  • Thanks to the Rockwood public library folks

    I would just like to send a quick note to you and community to let you know how much I appreciate the hard workers at the Rockwood Public Library. 
    Every time I go there, I am amazed by how clean and organized everything is.  There is never anything out of place, and the ladies who work there are truly superb. 
    I have been to other libraries in Roane County, and I can say that Rockwood’s is probably the most friendly and helpful. 
    They have a nice selection of books, audio books, CDs, and DVDs which I check out frequently.