• New Rockwood traffic lights get thumbs up

    Three cheers for TDOT and the new traffic light system they are installing in Rockwood.
    It gives priority to the traffic on Gateway Avenue.  
    Who knows how much time, gasoline and diesel will be saved.  
    Eight to 12 vehicles no longer have to wait for one vehicle to immediately have access to the main drag from the side streets.  
    Kudos also the the installing contractor who is working with a minimum of interuption of traffic.
    Maybe the same design could be applied to the traffic lights at Tedder and at Walmart.

  • Hearts touch in chance encounter at driving range

    Last week I happened to be at a local golf driving range, just planning on working on my game a little before a business outing.
    I noticed a young lady very quietly, yet intensely, working on her game.
    She was all alone, with just two buckets of balls and her clubs nearby. She seemed to be crying.
    Being a mother, I stopped and began to watch this young lady make her adjustments on her form and whack!
    Ball after ball, I watched her drives go to the 150 to 200 mark on this particular range. I stood in awe.