• Holliway did fine job on summer elections

    Congratulations to Charles Holiway for a job well done on Election Night.  

    As the administrator of the Roane County Election Commission, Mr. Holiway  reported the votes as precincts information became available.  

    This information was easily assessable on the Roane County Election Commission website.   

    I knew the unofficial results of the local election well before 10 p.m.

    Louise Dice


  • Gentle Reader or syncophant? You decide

    In his column on July 30, Gerald Largen makes the claim that Republicans in Congress are hypocrites for being in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts and not being committed to deficit reduction.
    I’m sure Mr. Largen would agree there are hypocrites aplenty to go around on both sides of the aisle.

  • Thanks for CASA column in Sept. 3 edition

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Terri Likens for her front-page column in the Roane County News on Friday Sept. 3 concerning the fine work that is done by CASA.  
    The timing was serendipitous!  
    The Tennessee Department of Correction is sponsoring a state-wide Victim Impact Awareness Week Sept.  27 -Oct. 2.  
    Each correctional facility has been asked to choose a local charity that works, in some fashion, with victims of crime and to raise money for the organization.  

  • Booster clubs also help buy sports gear

    I would like to take this time to address a letter to the editor penned by Sam Doughty that appeared in the Sept. 1 edition of the Roane County News.  
    First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Doughty for his support of not only the Rockwood Band program, but also for his well wishes to the other band booster groups of the county.
    There are a couple of points in his letter to which that I would like to add some clarity.  
    First of all, there is the misconception by many that athletics are supported solely by the school system.

  • New county executive's first act boneheaded

    With his first decision, we have learned about the new County Executive Ron Woody’s management style: “The whippings will continue until morale improves.”
    Mr. Woody announced that he would reduce the pay of Roane County’s director and assistant director of one of the best, if not the best, emergency management organizations in Tennessee.

  • Emergency teams made all the difference

    One morning recently, my wife awoke, and she was unable to speak, or use her arms and legs.
    A call for an ambulance was placed. It seemed that almost immediately, Kingston city police and Kingston Fire Department vehicles pulled into our driveway. They came to our door and were invited in. They were briefly told of my wife’s problems.
    They checked her and in a very kind and professional manner, started preparing her to be removed from her home to a hospital.

  • No free lunch this letter writer tells us

    Greetings from Lick Skillet.
    Mr. Bob Rehburg, sir, I beg your pardon regarding your letter in last Friday’s Roane Couny News.
    Columnist Gerald Largen is absolutely correct: The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy need to be ended.
    The Haslams of the world need to pay higher taxes.
    All the Haslams with their $4 billion in wealth need to pay up.
    The taxes they pay will not cut jobs, and other business people will not cut jobs, either.
    The jobs have built their fortunes.

  • Wonders where coin purse went in commotion

    I got sick on Dec. 3, 2009.  
    The Roane County Ambulance service came and got me.
    I had a coin purse hooked to my T-shirt, and now nobody knows what happened to it.
    It had money and two pairs of antique earrings in it. By the time I got to Roane Medical Center, they had cut my clothes off.
    No one would ever tell me what happened to them. The ambulance service never turned the clothing over to the hospital.
    The hospital checked; it wasn’t there.

  • Water cut off; she's mad as a hot, dry hen

    I would like to tell everbody about Roane Central Utility District. They came and cut my water off without giving me any notice.
    It says on back of the bill, “No second notice will be sent.”
    Well, I’d like to know like to know  why they cut off my water without sending me a notice.
    I have outside dogs and chickens out in the heat and they saw that. Now, if that’s not cruelity to animals, what is?
    I know this person that Roane Central let their bill go way over $300 and never cut the water off and they were months behind.

  • Shacter's efforts made learning math fun, easy

    Our family would like to say thanks to John Shacter for taking his time each Tuesday morning from 10 until noon to enlighten and encourage our young people about math concepts while making it an enjoyable time.
    He paid for the expense of renting the room at Kingston Community Center and poured himself into helping the children have a love of math and all the advantages of that knowledge.
    Other families participated also.
    I was truly amazed at his brilliance, his generosity and his humor.
    Flo Charles