Today's Opinions

  • Resist making enemies of good

    By Mark BankerMTBanker1951@gmail.com

    Roane County’s ongoing school debate brings to mind a story shared by writer Tony Hillerman.

    As a youth in Depression-era Oklahoma, Hillerman worked for an old farmer known for his generosity. When less honorable neighbors took advantage of the old man’s kindness, young Tony was enraged.

    In response, the old man advised: “Son, if you don’t forgive your enemies, you’re going to run out of friends.”

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: All Americans dislike politics

    By Mark Banker

    Even in our polarized times, Americans of all persuasions share a disgust for politics.

    This loathing is rooted in experiences with power that few could have imagined and that selective popular memories often misrepresent.

    Because Great Britain neglected her North American colonies for a century and a half, forebears of our nation’s historic Caucasian majority developed a preference for distant, benign power.

  • Elected officials should represent us on school issue

    Who do your elected officials support?

    I realize we the people can’t vote on every issue so our form of government allows us to elect representatives, as in Roane County Board of Education members and Roane County Commissioners.

    This is supposedly our voice.

    But here in District 1 of Rockwood our school board members, Brillo Miller and Larry Brackett, and two of the three county commissioners, Darryl Meadows and Ron Berry, don’t represent the people.

  • Voting is a vital part of being an American citizen

    Recently a country music star issued a heartfelt plea for people to not support the frontrunner in the Tennessee race for U.S. Senate.

    The star felt that even though the front-runner was a woman, she has not been a good spokesperson for healthy Tennessee values. 

    While I might agree with the star, it really doesn’t matter what I think if I don’t vote.

    The same is true for the majority of people in Roane County.

  • Roane deputy, Rockwood Street Department get kudos

    As frequent walkers on the Charles E. Cole track adjacent to REU and while traveling the intersection of Dunn Street and U.S. Hwy. 27 North, my wife and I wish to give a big thank you to the Rockwood Street Department and Deputy Steve Bryant with the Roane County Sheriff’s Office concerning the immediate resolution of a safety issue at these two locations.

    Mr. Odell, director of the Street Department, assigned his crew to cut and remove the huge tree that had fallen across the walking track at REU.

  • Senator touts opioid legislation awaiting president’s signature

    By Sen. Lamar Alexander

    By an overwhelming vote of [98-1], the Senate last week sent to President Trump’s desk legislation I sponsored to help Tennesseans fight the opioid crisis.

  • Letter to Jinx Watson, secretary Roane Dems

    I’m sure Flo has not confused anything. If you look at the Communist Party and the Democratic Party you can find many things in common.

    They might be different organizations, but in my opinion and many others feel they share many ideas and values.

    If you wish to change our views of your party please tell us what your party values and ideas are in great detail, not just one or two words. Then we might take another look at the Democratic Party.

  • Going With the Flo: Left continues to attack foundation of our courts

    The most important part of any structure is its foundations. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3)

    Obama set out to change the character of our foundation — our laws, our principles, and the character of America — with the help of spineless Republicans and leftist Democrats. Now “America’s Democrat Left” is trying to transform our judicial branch of government.

    For 30 years they’ve tried to destroy our judicial confirmation process.