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  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Some memories of the sixties and seventies
  • Shooter’s cruelty lamented by man who rescues strays

    I live in the Walnut Hills subdivision in Harriman.

    I have rescued and cared for many starving cats. I have helped neighbors get their cats shots and with spaying and neutering to help control the pet population.

    Around Jan. 20, someone in my neighborhood shot a female black cat with a pellet gun. Before she was struck, I had taken her into the vet to get her rabies shots and other vaccinations. I would let her come and go in my basement since she was a feral cat.

  • Many tried to help Ray Knight, but were prevented

    I am writing in response to Tina Pemberton’s recent letter to the editor regarding the life and death of Ray Knight.

    Ms. Pemberton is certainly welcome to her opinion, and I will not tell her that she is wrong to have it.  

    On some level, I agree that society failed Mr. Knight.  

  • Prayer is better when not linked to government

    This is regarding the story “Official wants prayer at games” that ran on Page 1 in the Jan. 22 edition of the Roane County News.

    Our Constitution prohibits government officials making rules that require religious practice.

    I very much believe in prayer.  

    It is a privilege God has given to us, and I believe that it is because of Jesus Christ that God hears and responds to prayer.

    Prayer is too special to be regarded as a kind of spiritual charm.

    I know that many of my fellow Americans do not believe as I do.

  • GUEST OPINION: A father makes case for medical marijuana

    The Tennessee General Assembly is beginning to consider a bill, HB 1385, known as the Koozer-Kuhn Medical Cannabis Act.  We are strong supporters of this legislation out of necessity — it may help save our son’s life.

    Like one of the namesakes of the bill, Piper Koozer, our 11-year-old son Aidan suffers from devastating seizures every day.   

  • Ray Knight, sadly, really was the Forgotten Veteran

    To write calmly about this is one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

    I remember Ray Knight, a handsome clean-cut, proud man, as a gentle spirit who graced the streets of Rockwood just with his presence.

    He would look at me with kind eyes, enough to make a lasting impression.

    He was a friend of my father’s — a fellow veteran.

  • Harmon blames school funding mess on high property evaluations

    The county executive and commissioners want to know why the state considers Roane County the 14th richest county in the state and allegedly able to put more money in the schools.

    The answer is because the property in Roane County is evaluated so extraordinarily high.

    It is re-evaluated in five-year cycles, and for the last 25 years it has increased in value each time, although we have gone through recession and depression.

    Roane County is a rural county, but the state sees us as equal to the more urban Shelby, Davidson, Hamilton and Knox counties.

  • ANOTHER VIEWPOINT: Nothing simple in abortion protest debate


    First Amendment Center

    Few topics in modern life have produced as much rancorous and visible public debate as abortion.

    One hot point of contention today is simply how close that debate may take place to the clinics that perform them.