Today's Opinions

  • Chili supper helps feed more than attendees

    On Nov. 16, state Sen. Ken Yager held his annual chili supper at Roane State Community College.
    Every year at the chili supper, Yager holds a silent auction.

    Many local venders are asked to donate an item for auction. The proceeds are then donated to a local charity that serves Roane County.

    This year the charity was Hands of Mercy Enterprises in Kingston. Hands of Mercy is a local food pantry that serves all of Roane County.

    HOME, as called by many of us, is also a referral service, providing case management for many clients who need more than food every month.

  • Berry installed hydrant, saved neighbors’ $$$

    We think when someone goes out of his way to make things better for  others, that action should not go unnoticed.  

    Everyone in our community will   save hundreds of dollars on their annual homeowners insurance premiums and  have better fire protection.

    Our neighbor, Ron Berry, had a fire hydrant installed on our road, (Emerald Cove Lane) and bore the entire expense of  $2,800 out of his own pocket.  

    We want to thank him, acknowledge his efforts and applaud his generosity.

  • GUEST OPINION: Don’t overlook the gifts of freedom on Dec. 15 holiday

    First Amendment Center
    The law is murky, but probably not.

    It’s easy to take freedom for granted. If we’re complacent about our core liberties, we’re less likely to notice a gradual erosion.

    The best way to build awareness of our core freedoms is through education. That’s why the announcement of the nation’s first monument to the Bill of Rights comes as particularly good news.

  • Looseleaf Laureate: The waiting room – an emotional rollercoaster

    Thanks to a tennis accident, a massive blood clot in my leg,  a bout with cancer, a bum gall bladder and a few other health issues, I’ve spent more time than I care to recall in and around hospitals.
    So when my mother went in last week for surgery to relieve compression on her spine, I jokingly told her, “Better you than me.”
    Later, as I sat alone for hours in the surgery waiting room, I decided she had the easier role.

  • Phone call – it’s for you, County Atty. Tom McFarland

    How does one get a return telephone call from the County Attorney Tom McFarland?
    I have called his office from Nov. 26 to Nov. 30, (5 days) and left a message for him to please call me.
    As of Dec. 4 I still haven’t received a return telephone call.
    Sharon M. Brown

  • Time for hate-spewing billboard to come down

    On my daily travels up and down the roads across the South, I’ve seen billboards and signs everywhere.
    I have noticed the Roane County Tea Party sign on Interstate 40 near the Industrial Park: “America or Obama, you can’t have both.”
    I’m sorry to say that it’s time to take down the sign; I have America and President Obama.
    I have America to thank that a bunch of hatemongers was not going to influence what America was really about by putting signs that spewed hatred up along the interstate.

  • Now engaged in great social war, loss of republic

    A “funny” thing happened while we were napping — we lost our Republic.
    Usually on this special day (Thanksgiving) we speak to and honor the founding documents and their inspired speeches of the greatest nation on earth.
    But those documents have been systematically shredded and we find ourselves gripped in a progressive nightmare beyond our comprehension.

  • The donkey has brayed — heed the warning

    I missed the TV coverage of the meeting between the president’s representative and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
    The talking heads on CNN and
    MSNBC made reference to McConnell’s exhibit of levity as he reviewed the contents of the proposal offered by President Obama.
    I can’t quite get my mind around the picture of the stone-faced McConnell actually laughing a Phyllis-Diller cackle at the president’s expense.