Today's Opinions

  • Rules of Civility would go far in solving problems

    Where is the honor and respect in regard to our politics?

    Some hateful garbage is being said on TV between the two parties.

    We need another George Washington for president.

    The leadership of both parties need to read George Washington’s Rules of Civility, a list of principles by which, supposedly, proper decent people must abide.

    Washington believed that a gentleman is someone who makes others comfortable, that good manners are simply a matter of common sense and courtesy.

  • Owner issues flea-product warning after kitty dies

    Last year I lost my job and had to take one making half what I had been earning. So we moved closer to our jobs to save on the ever-increasing gas prices.

    When we were moving into our new apartment, we heard a small kitten crying and I thought maybe a stray had a litter and was out looking for food.

    The next day, as I came home for lunch, I heard it again and went to investigate. I found a small black kitten in the bushes behind the store that sits in front of our duplex. I took some food and water out and left it.

  • GUEST OPINION: Day may be when religion, or lack of, will not matter

    First Amendment Center
    Remember all the media chatter during the primaries about how the “Mormon factor” could undermine Mitt Romney’s candidacy?

    Forget about it.

    American voters, it turns out, are mostly unconcerned about Romney’s religious affiliation or have no idea what it is.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET by Gerald Largen: Introducing Jack McNew, legislative candidate

    Well, dear friends, we have survived another general election, which produced mostly expected outcomes, but still enough of the unexpected to prompt some post-election comments, but, before we get into those, we should remind you of the Princess Theatre’s plans for tomorrow evening.

  • Why must utility payments go all the way to Va.?

    Why must we mail our Watts Bar Utility District payments to Virginia?

    This has resulted in a late payment for me.

    The clerk said, “It takes more days in the mail since the letters go to Virginia. They deposit it in our account the day they receive it.”

    Why can’t we hire someone in Roane County to do this work? Who authorized this money to go out of our county? Who benefitted? Who has the answer?

    We have people in our county who need this job, these wages!

  • Diviseness is costing taxpayers big money

    Here’s another reason to be concerned — very concerned — about the non-stop partisan bickering going on in Congress:

    It has cost taxpayers tons of money!  

    The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office reported that the prolonged fighting in Congress last summer over the debt ceiling cost taxpayers at least $1.3 billion!

  • New school officials will do well

    I offer my congratulations to Drack Langley and Danny Wright to represent Harriman on the Roane County school board.

    While I wanted to run for this seat, the ebbs and tides of my profession forced me to believe I could not devote my full time to the position.But, my passsion and love for the local schools does and will always remain.

    I am so pleased the board picked a “home” candidate to be the new director. I have no doubt he will  do a good job in difficult times.

  • Police, fire staff were professional

    I would like to commend the Harriman fire and police departments for their professional response to a wreck in South Harriman on Aug. 7.

    I called 911 to report the wreck and vehicle fire.

    Both departments arrived within two minutes, secured the area and extinguished the fire.  

    The men and women of Harriman fire and police are underappreciated for their dedication and sacrifice to our community.