Today's Opinions

  • Make your vote to keep us clean and green

    Having spent the first half of my life in the factory-entrenched Midwest, I viewed Tennessee as paradise – the mountains, waterways, valleys and rolling farmlands all astounded my senses. My spirit sang, “home, home at last.”

    However, in my 18-year residency here, I have begun to witness environmental sacrifices to our waterways and air quality due to EPA regulations altered or lifted to increase industrial production.

  • Going With the Flo: Our country needs statesmen with courage and convictions

    Maintaining an attitude of gratitude for God’s goodness and divine intervention for America is so satisfying to the soul, creating a harmonious atmosphere. God gave us a strong and merciful president.

    President Trump commuted a life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old great-grandmother who had served 22 years behind bars for getting involved in drug trafficking following a terrible period in her life.

    She lost her job of 10 years because of gambling, got divorced, then lost her youngest son in a motorcycle accident.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Thoughts on the legal profession and Trump

    Gentle Reader: As you may know, the old curmudgeon was admitted to the Bar in the spring of 1959, and practiced law for over a half century thereafter, until he decided it was time to retire a few years ago, but the Roane County Bar Association very kindly allowed him to remain as an emeritus member of that organization.

  • Time for Miller to resign from school board and give up mayoral post

    This is an open letter to the mayor of Rockwood, Brillo Miller.

    Dear Brillo,

    I have known you most of your life. You grew up in First Baptist Church here. You loved sports; you were involved in church activities, the same as our daughter Sharon. The two of you graduated from Rockwood High School the same year.

    I know you are nearing 60 years of age.

    We voted for you. I read the Roane County News. I’ve noticed you are quoted often. I have a bunch of friends who are and have been school teachers since you have been in office.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: School plan top Roane issue

    By Mark Banker

    By the time you read these words, the Aug. 2 election will be upon us.

    Thanks to early voting, some of you will have already fulfilled your civic obligation. Others of you have pretty much made up your minds about candidates and key issues and will, like me, show up at the polls next Thursday.

    Sadly, many of our neighbors will contribute to Tennessee’s dead-last ranking for voter turnout.

    Special thanks to the 13 candidates for Roane County Commission who responded to the Roane County News’ candidate survey.

  • No wheel tax has been one of Roane’s pluses

    Wheel taxes must be very popular in Tennessee because most every county in Tennessee has one.

    Not having a wheel tax is one of the few positives that Roane County has, and some of our school board members and commissioners want to mess that up too.

    A wheel tax is the most unfair tax anyone can think of. Well-to-do people, business owners, millionaires, billionaires, etc., will be paying the exact same amount as those people flipping burgers at a fast-food joint, welfare recipients, disabled folks, people on Social Security, the poor and middle-class workers.

  • Why is school board delaying Midway sewer?

    I have wondered for some time why the proposed project for Midway is something that sounds like a maintenance item.

    The existing sewage treatment system is used by all three campuses — elementary, middle and high schools. If it were to fail, raw sewage would be dumped into the creek. This would probably lead to closing all three schools until repairs were made.

    Why not go out for bids as soon as possible? Once evaluated, it would be handled as a budget item.

    Conclusion: Why Wait, Get Started As Soon As Possible.

    Bob Griffin

  • Kudos to News staff for election coverage, awards

    I am writing to thank you for the fine work you and your staff are doing with the Roane County News. Monday’s edition (July 16) was especially good.

    I was very pleased to see the recent Roane County News profiles of the candidates standing for the upcoming elections.

    In doing my research, I discovered that many of their various social media pages were rarely well organized or not very informative as regards their reasons for running for county offices.