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SB0027 and HB0015

Senator Yager and Representative Calfee,

Clean It Up Efforts by Women in Tennessee

Thought you might be interested in the following:

I fully support the Clean-It-Up efforts by the Women of Tennessee. Please read the following:

Reproductive choices are a delicate subject, to most Americans. Their opinions are shaped by the Medical community, the Legal community, the Clergy, Politicians, and others. I'd like to zero in on the medical community. A lot of us old geezers, remember when the book Little Black Sambo was banned in this country because it offended some Americans along racial lines. And they felt it was a racial slur.

Election Signs

When is Mr. Cobbs gonna pick up all those election signs strewn about Roane County? The election's been over quite a while, now.

Rockwood water rates

What are your thoughts on the proposed water and sewer rate increases in Rockwood?

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